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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 9:01 AM
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1/8 finals
[ Download from this server (42.1Kb) ] 2010-07-13, 0:26 AM
TmT - circle jerk 2 (guykes)
TmT - Paradiddle (Sapphiron)
TmT - Topnotch (locobuddha)

Have fun!
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I (probably) fixed the cut on my track. Download it on TMX: http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=2944680#auto

There is the cuts
Circle Jerk 2 (guykes) - www.wx.crew.sk/homer/CUT-TmT-Circle Jerk 2.Gbx
Paradiddle (Sapphiron) - www.wx.crew.sk/homer/CUT-TmT-Paradiddle.Gbx

smile please remove it asap

gili i know, but the dedi on maps are corrupted and less motivation to beat it, its impossible to beat it. i will find the cuters and send here the replays with cuts...

idd homer.. I don't understand it either.. YOU CAN'T USE CUTS IN MATCH.. dry

can someone plz show the author or an admin the cuts, so we can fix this? thx

please correct the cuts on Circle Jerk and Paradiddle.... STUPID CUTERS!!!! I dont like it, tell me why ? why are they searching for the cuts. STUPID PEOPLE!!!

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