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Tuesday, 2023-02-07, 6:04 PM

The end of TmT 2010

Hey TmT-fanatics,

We started with the consolation Final with GoD and Infused trying to get that 3rd place. They both tried to give their best, but it seems they were less motivated then they were in the past 3 months for gaining victory. Nevertheless on the first map GoD has proven why they came this far, with a 7-1 on ‘How do you’ they set the tone for next maps. Then on the second map GoD leads with 4-0 but then suddenly Infused regained their trust and took the map with a nice comeback to a 5-7 on the second map. But on the last map GoD was more trained then Infused and they took it with a 7-0, and took the 3rd place. So after a slow start and after a good match GoD took a 2-1 victory against Infused (7-1 , 5-7 , 7-0).

Then after some delay from the consolation final we started with the match we all have been waiting for: the final!  On the first map eQ|Dark team directly showed YYT why they reached the final. With a steady 4-0 advantage on Xspecial and great teamwork they directly put YYT in a difficult position. But with the experience of YoYoTech they took it back to an 6 to 6 points and won the map with 6-7.
On the second map (RechoQue) YoYoTech found his focus and they took this map with a clear victory: 2-7 YoYoTech won this hard match vs eQ|Dark team with 2-0 (7-6 , 7-2).

After 3 months with more than 250 matches played we finally know who the winner is. Congratulations to YYT with this victory on our second edition of TmTournament. Also a great respect for the other 3 teams: GoD, Infused and eQ|Dark. For the prices contact tm-planet, by sending a mail to: info@tm-planet.net

We would like to express thanks to all the map-builders for sending their maps, we hope you will find us next year. Also we would like to thank the teams for their effort training the selected maps and the overall fair play. Further many thanks to, www.tm-planet.net for the coverage, the provided relays and professional help on the servers. Also big thanks to http://www.netgaming.tv and the broadcastteam: Sabre, Bergie, Tamarillo and Micro.

Looking back on this edition, we think we can call this edition of TmTournament a great success. This is supported by the number of spectators, an average of 215 spectators in the semi-finals and even 270 in the finals. What an edition of TmT, again thanks everyone, you guys made this edition of TmT wonderful. We hope to see you next year, we will have some changes concerning line-up, site, partners and some rules adjustments. So you can expect an even better tournament next year ;).



P.S. There will also be a VoD (from Netgaming TV) for the people who missed this spectacle. The link to match and interviews will be online a.s.a.p.

Thx for the finals, the vod is spitted in two parts and can be viewed here: http://www.netgaming.tv/index.php?t=browse_videotmn (but you need to register on the website).


The TmTournament Finals!

Dear TmT-fanatic,

In less than 24 hours we will know, who will receive the title and who will just miss the title of this fantastic tournament.  After a long struggle to the final this is THE match of their long journey. It will divide the champions from the failing ones. The teams are trained till the extreme. They know every inch of each map. You really can’t miss this spectacle. Watch this event on the relays of TM-planet or watch the broadcasting of Netgaming TV.

3rd place (08-08-2010)
 19:30 (CET) Gang of Drivers vs Infused

Final (08-08-2010)
 20:30 (CET) eQ|Dark Team vs Yoyotech

Watch it:
Relay TmT 2010 Finals

Relay TmT 2010 Finals #2  
Relays are provided by TM-planet.

English casting          Host: Sabre      Guests: Bergie (ESWC champion), Tamarillo
Casting provided by Netgaming TV

Hope you guys enjoy the matches.

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Tournament: Group-phase Knock out-phase    Partners: Gamesports TM-planet Trackmania.se