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Tuesday, 2023-02-07, 7:21 PM
General info

- Available spots
• For the new edition we increased the available spots to 64 and if necessary to 80 or 128. The consequence is that with 80 or 128 participating clans TmT will take respectively 2 and 1 week(s) longer.

- Loser-bracket
• We won’t introduce a loser-bracket, because we don’t think people will be motivated enough to drive 6 or 8 weeks longer. Further the fact that you don’t deserve a second change in the knock-out phase is the most honest construction.

-Point system
• This system has changed, because in the old system it doesn’t made a big difference if you lose with 1-2 or 0-3. The new setup will be:
Win 3-0: +3 points Lose 0-3: -3 points
  2-1: +1 point   1-2: -1 point
Further the matches won and after that the map-points will be used if the points aren’t decisive.

• Map-pack with 3 tech-tracks from 30-45 seconds (will be announced each round).
• Map-packs will be given out every Sunday 20:00 (CET), 1 week before match-week.
• First map-pack will be released 23rd May.

-Send maps
• If you send a map for the tournament it has to meet these requirements:
-Time 30 till 45 seconds
-Status Day
-Name TmT-Name
-Scenery Minimal
• Send them to maps@tmtournament.com
• Maps will accepted up to 9th May.

Registration rules

• Clans can be registered for TmT up to 16nd May 24:00 (CET). (Forum)
• You must enter at least 5 players. (Excel-file see downloads, send to RC@tmtournament.com)
• You can add or remove players until the 23rd May 24:00 (CET), as after this date alteration is not possible.
• A player can only play for 1 team.
• When you accept to join the tournament, you also accept the rules, the maps and every admins decisions.

Tournament rules

-General rules
• Play fair, with respect for all players. Don't cheat, as this will lead to a disqualification.
• If a problem occurs, always take screenshots or replay as proof and report immediately to an admin.
• Penalty points: 4 points: no show, 2 points: drive with less then 4 players, 1 point: forget to add screens and total of 8 points: disqualification.

-Scheduling match
• For a match, you will get a week's time to arrange a date, time and server with your opponent.
• If both clans can’t agree on a date, the default match-date will be Sunday at 20:30 (CET).
• If your opponent causes trouble arranging a date for a match, contact an admin (E-mail addresses under contact).

-During match
• All matches are played 4vs4.
• Server Settings: Team mode, alternative rules. point limit: 7, max points: 8.
• Once everyone agrees to start the map, the map has to be played until the end. No change of players is allowed when a map is started.
• All 3 maps have to be played.
• It's forbidden to use shortcuts.
• It's forbidden to use respawn.

-After match
• Post the map-results and screenshots from each match under the correct topic in our forum.
• If a war isn’t driven in the given time, this means 0 points. (The map-results aren’t posted on Sunday before 24:00 (CET).
• If your opponent doesn't arrive, it's a 3-0 automatic win (wait at least 20 minutes).