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Tuesday, 2023-02-07, 7:53 PM

GameSports has been founded as broadcasting project to offer audio and video broadcasts of eSports matches free of charges through the Internet in the year 2003. Rapidly, GameSports got known for its high-quality broadcasts and coverage and could establish itself as a scene and community site.

tm.se is an international news website that covers the international scene, but also the swedish and norwegian scene in particular. They have about 15ppl in their crew. Next to newsing and casting, they also provide server and relays.

TM-Planet.net was created by a small group of people willing to provide services related to Trackmania. But while they were creating the website, they decided to provide some more things apart from services like events, tournaments and other stuff that trackmania players may like / enjoy / have fun with ^^. This is the main purpose of their website, to entertain you as much as their expanding knowledge let them.


Core productions

The TmT-management wants to thank Core productions for editing this beautiful Trailer. His great ability to combine audio and video, made this trailer real tense. We think that his work helped us to improve our reputation and made it possible to have such an amount of participants.