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Sunday, 2019-07-21, 6:53 PM
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1/8 finals
[ Download from this server (42.1 Kb) ] 2010-07-13, 0:26 AM
TmT - circle jerk 2 (guykes)
TmT - Paradiddle (Sapphiron)
TmT - Topnotch (locobuddha)

Have fun!
Category: Map-packs | Added by: giligoop
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5 SapphiroN  
I (probably) fixed the cut on my track. Download it on TMX: http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=2944680#auto

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4 wXHoMeR  
There is the cuts
Circle Jerk 2 (guykes) - www.wx.crew.sk/homer/CUT-TmT-Circle Jerk 2.Gbx
Paradiddle (Sapphiron) - www.wx.crew.sk/homer/CUT-TmT-Paradiddle.Gbx

smile please remove it asap

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3 wXHoMeR  
gili i know, but the dedi on maps are corrupted and less motivation to beat it, its impossible to beat it. i will find the cuters and send here the replays with cuts...

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2 giligoop  
idd homer.. I don't understand it either.. YOU CAN'T USE CUTS IN MATCH.. dry

can someone plz show the author or an admin the cuts, so we can fix this? thx

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1 wXHoMeR  
please correct the cuts on Circle Jerk and Paradiddle.... STUPID CUTERS!!!! I dont like it, tell me why ? why are they searching for the cuts. STUPID PEOPLE!!!

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